How To Get The Most Out Of Journaling

Just starting journaling and looking to get the most out of the experience?
Here are 7 helpful tips to ensure that your time journaling is both enjoyable and helpful.
1. Find Some Consistency
You are more likely to develop a new habit if you can establish a rhythm that fits within your daily schedule.

That could mean deciding how long you want to journal each day and picking a time that consistently works for you, or attaching your new habit alongside an old one.

Example: Already sit down for a cup of coffee and a social media scroll each morning? Great! Now journal afterwards.
2. Perfection Isn't The Goal
If you’re anything like us, you will miss a day (even multiple days!) in this journey.

Now say this out loud: It will be okay.

Creating a habit takes time. It is more important to learn that returning to the practice each day is better than perfection. So when it happens, give yourself some grace, shake off any feelings of guilt or failure, and make a plan to pick up your pen(cil) another day. Your journal will be there.
3. Follow The One Sentence Rule
Writing is something we’ve been doing since our early childhood. The act itself isn’t so challenging anymore, so you may believe you’ll need to write a lot to get a lot out of journaling.

That’s not the case.

Instead of sitting down with the expectation of journaling an entire page, we ask that you commit to writing just one sentence every day. If you’re feeling it, go ahead and keep writing! If not, then one sentence is all you’ve committed to and you’ve completed your goal.
4. Don't Overthink It
Your writings don’t need to be positive, beautiful, or even logical. You can have misspelled words or cramped handwriting. You can doodle in the margins, write one sentence for weeks and then fill ten pages.

Journaling is a personal experience to process and explore. Whatever you’re thinking, just write.
5. Remember Who You're Writing For
It can be hard to write honestly if you think somebody might read it, or if you’re writing to please another person.

Every time you open your journal, remind yourself this is a private space only for you, where you can let your thoughts out as they come, fully unfiltered.
6. Make It Special
Habits we enjoy doing are much easier to pick up than habits we don’t. Give yourself something to look forward to while you’re developing this new skill.

Some ideas: Light a special candle, hang up your hammock and journal outside, wake up 20 minutes earlier to enjoy some alone time before your day starts, or treat yourself to your favorite snack while you write. You’ll know best what will motivate you.
7. Celebrate
Creating a new habit is something that should be celebrated. Make it part of your practice to reward yourself every time you hit a journaling goal.

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