Our mission

Slow down & create space for what you love

What began as a leather journal company has grown into a journaling community that believes there is another way to achieve your dreams beyond the hustle. In fact, we want you to work slower, pause deeper, and develop intentional habits for your life. Every product we create is meant to be a tool of encouragement and motivation to guide you along the way.

Our Story

slow & steady

Founded by a leatherworker and graphic designer, the idea of Restwell existed years before it would ever leave the confines of our personal conversations. Formed in a season of hardship and frustration, then refined through countless late night walks and coffee table discussions, Restwell found its voice after realizing the slowness of our journey was what gave us our strength. 

While our lives and calendars had been filled with good things, we still felt worn down. We began to realize even the good things we'd chosen were taking the spot of better things, things that gave us meaning and rest and energy to create the life we really wanted.

So no matter how long it takes, we are committed to sharing the idea that a habit of slowing down is actually the way to breathe, dream, and create more space for what you really love.

our team

small & mighty

Right now we’re a close-knit team of dreamers and doers who want to help the world slow down.

From the incredibly skilled humans who share their experience and expertise crafting journals and crafting journaling prompts, we are grateful for the community we’re building here.

our resources

fight for your free time

With a growing library of resources through our blog and a community of journalers who, like you, are ready for a change, we hope you are encouraged to keep the writing habit going (even when you miss a day!)

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