Classic Journal


The Classic Refillable Leather Journal is created for those who want to take slowing down seriously. Handcrafted from the highest quality 3oz. full-grain leather, our journals are heirloom quality, infinitely refillable, and only get better with age. 

 Handcrafted in the USA 

• Full-grain leather hand skived with hand-painted,  finished edges and rounded corners.

• A5 - 8.25 x 6 inches

• Available in Natural, Tan, and Black

• Includes (1) 160-page lined flat-lay notebook and refillable leather sleeve

Color: Black

Our journals comes ready to write with a pre-installed, custom-made softcover notebook.

• Center-sewn for a true flay-lay notebook

• Semi-smooth paper for reduced feathering and show-through

• 100GSM Acid-Free FSC-Certified Paper

• Made to Fit with Rounded Corners

• Lightweight and Flexible

Easily refill your leather journal with a corresponding sized notebook by following our simple instructions.

What is full-grain leather?

Unlike other types of leather, the outermost layer hasn't been sanded away or corrected, meaning it's the strongest, highest-quality leather you can buy. Keeping the leather intact gives each piece a rich depth of color and variations in texture, including fat rolls or stretch marks. These are marks of quality. 

How will it age?

All leather products will age with time. This aging effect, called a patina, will darken with everyday use, but quality leather should not stretch out. A patina is a symbol of quality leather, as this process cannot be replicated artificially. 

As you use your journal, you'll notice darker areas on the front, where your hands come into more frequent contact, lighter areas on the fold, where the leather bends, and marks and scratches. The way you use your journal will transform it from one of many to one in a million, with a unique character and story of its own.  

How long can leather last?

All of Restwell's products are made with the highest possible quality standards. Every leather item you receive is tanned and finished and, with continued care, will last well over 100 years. 

Learn more about the leather we use and leather care here.

Every hide is hand selected

We review and pick each piece of leather by hand, preserving the unique details that tell the story of your journal, while never compromising quality.

rich depth of color

That develops a beautiful patina over time, reflecting the way you use your journal.

we never skip the finishing touches

Things like perfectly balanced thread tension, precision cuts, hand-beveled and painted edges are done slow and right, every time.

The difference is found in the smallest of details.

It's the inside that counts

Flat-lay notebooks

We created a superior interior writing experience matching the quality of our exterior. Our softcover notebooks are truly flat lay, with center-sewn binding and semi-smooth paper for reduced feathering and show-through.

Infinitely refillable. instant heirlooms.

Our journals can be filled and refilled, so one day they can be passed on.

New heirlooms become treasured possessions right before our eyes.